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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural and gental way of promoting healing and health within your own body. This is accomplished through the nervous system; as many already know, our nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and function of our body. Our brain and spinal cord works together to send signals back and forth throughout the entire body allowing it to function normally. When someone has a subluxation* involving the bones of the spine the message does not get sent clearly (similar to a water hose with a kink in it... the water will not flow smoothly). This unclear message decreases the bodies natural ability to heal itself and maintain its own health. What we do as Chiropractors is locate the area's of subluxation* and then correct them, thus renewing the bodies communication with itself and increasing its ability to heal itself.

*subluxation- a missalignment between 2 or more bones that causes pressure on a nerve which decreases the function of the nerve(s).


These are some of the more commonly asked questions about Chiropractic care and there corresponding answers.

Q: DOES GETTING ADJUSTED HURT? A: No, in fact, getting adjusted usually feels really good.

Q: WHAT IS THAT "POPPING" SOUND MADE BY THE ADJUSTMENT? A: as the pressure inside the joint changes it causes the fluid inside the joint to change from a fluid to a gas back into a fluid in a short time. this is what makes the "popping" sound

Q: DOES CHIROPRACTIC CARE REALLY WORK? A: yes, chiropractic care has been proven to help with a multitude of conditions. in fact, every patient that has been under the care of Dr. Jenkins has felt better after the course of treatment.

Q: HOW DOES CHIROPRACTIC CARE WORK? A: misalignments in the spine can cause pressure on the nerves that control the body, and since the nerves are compromised so are the functions of the body. as a chiropractor Dr. Jenkins corrects the misalignments, thus restoring function.

Q: IS CHIROPRACTIC CARE SAFE? A: yes, chiropractic care is one of the safest health care options available. in fact, you are about 4 times more likely to get struck by lightening than to have a life threatening complication from chiropractic care.

Q: WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM RECEIVING CHIROPRACTIC CARE? A: anyone who as a spine. chiropractic care is a benefit to people of all ages and sizes, from infants to elderly and everyone in between.

Q: IF CHIROPRACTIC CARE IS SO GREAT, WHY DON'T MORE PEOPLE SEE A CHIROPRACTOR? A: because many people don't know about the benefits of chiropractic care, so spread the word!!!


Below are some of the many reasons WHY you should get checked out by a Chiropractor.
Misalignments in the spine can cause pressure on the surrounding nerves. The nerves control all bodily functions, so if the nerves are compromised the bodily functions will be compromised as well.

Getting checked early can prevent future problems from arising.
Problems that are left untreated usually get worse.
Injuries heal faster and better with proper care.
Joints that don't move properly start to degenerate.
Misalignments in the spine can cause muscle imbalances.
Poor posture can cause increased stess on joints and muscles.


"Findings suggest cervical spinal manipulation may alter cortical somatosensory processing and sensorimotor integration which may contribute pain relief and restoration of functional ability after spinal manipulation." (simply put: adjustments in your neck can help your nerves communicate better, relieve pain, and restore proper function) [Haavik-Taylor H, Murphy B. Cervical spine manipulation alters sensorimotor integration: a somatosensory evoked potential study. Clinical Neurophysiology 2007; 118:391-402.]
Study confirms that low back pain and disability are reduced after spinal manipulation. It shows positive effects of preventive Chiropractic treatment in maintaining functional capacities and reducing the number and intensity of pain episodes after an acute phase of treatment. (simply put: Chiropractic care reduces pain and improves function. Also, continued care helps prevent pain from returning) [Descarreaux, M, et al. Efficacy of preventive spinal manipulation for chronic low back pain and ralated disabilities. JMPT 2004; 27(8): 509-514.]
A large study showed that only 21% of low back pain patients were pain free at 3 months after onset and 25% were pain free at 12 months. The majority of patients reported significant pain and disability at 12 months. Another large study found that low back pain sufferers were still experiencing pain and disability 3 and 4 years after onset. (importance: pain may not just go away on its own, so seek treatment) [Haas, M., DC, E. Groupp, PhD, et al. Dose-response for chiropractic care of low back pain. Spine J 2004; 4(5):574-83.]
A study was done to show the effects of 3 weeks of Chiropractic care on frequent headache sufferers. The study showed a decrease in the use of analgesics by 36%, the number of headaches hrs/day decreased by 69%, and the intensity per episode decreased by 36% (importance: Chiropractic care can help with Headaches also) [Nelson, DC, MD et al. JMPT 1997; 20(5): 326-330.]

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I had an ache in my lower back that became worse after lifting something heavy. This caused difficulty concentrating at work and even problems sleeping. I tried medicine and massage with little benefit. After only the 1st week of care with Dr. Jenkins the pain dissipated, and within a month I felt back to normal. After the first month of treatment I felt so much better; I could sleep better and I had more energy. Dr. Jenkins is great – he focuses on the areas that need adjusting so it’s very effective. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better!

Debra K.

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